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We are passionate about delivering digital solutions to our customers and clients. To help your guests mingle and interact with each other. And to deliver all snaps and images to you after the event to make it a unforgettable memory.


We make your event perfect

Mingle & Share is the sustainable choice for any event, conference, wedding or party. No apps are required, our solution is handled by a QR code and the browser in your guests’ mobile phones.

With features like:

  • Check in
  • Unforgettable photos shared in a live updated slideshow
  • Seating
  • Menu
  • Program
  • Presentation of speakers
  • Voting features

We make your day or evening special and you’ll get your guests most memorable photos!


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The summer of 2022 we were invited to a party where the hostess wanted a photo solution so the guests could take pictures of each other during the evening. The pictures were instantly shown to the guests on a screen and they were not published on any social media platform. After the party the hostess received all pictures as a memory.  That was when the idea of Mingle & Share was born.

Since then we have continued to develop Mingle & Share and delivered our solutions to weddings and company events. It is a highly appreciated solution that encourage your guests to mingle and interact with both people they know but also with people they meet for the first time in a easy and social way.

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Louise Lundgren

Founder and Product owner

Martin Lundgren

Co Founder