With Mingle & Share at your wedding you will collect all your guests most
memorable photos. They will also be shared on a big screen during your unforgettable day and evening.  



We make your wedding perfect

Mingle & Share is the sustainable choice for any wedding. No apps are required, our solution is handled by a QR code and the browser in your guests’ mobile phones.

With features like:

  • Check in
  • Unforgettable photos shared in a live updated slideshow
  • Seating
  • Menu
  • Program
  • Presentation of guests

We make your day or evening special and you’ll get your guests most memorable photos!

Here you can read more about how it works to have Mingle & Share at your wedding!


Step 1: You are interested in Mingle & Share.

If you want we will have a digital meeting to ensure that you get the right package and that everything feels right before you book.


Step 2: You have booked, how do we prepare?

All our packages include a planning meeting where we will go through the details for your special day. If you are located in the surroundings of Malmö we are happy to meet you in person.


Step 3: Wedding day

First and foremost enjoy the day! It’s recommended that the host or hostess presents Mingle & Share so the guests knows that they have to check in. It’s also
recommended that the host or hostess takes an image of the guests and upload it so the guests knows how it works!


Step 4: After the event

You get a login to a digital gallery, where you can download the shared images. We would really appreciate if you want to share an image of you after your event that we can publish on our social medias.
You are also welcome to tag us in your social medias.

Contact us for further information or to request your date!